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Solukhumbu or khumbu region of Nepal is sensible the mainly well-known Everest treks in Himalayan area of the landlocked country Nepal. The earth topmost crest Mount Everest trek is located at the eastern division of Nepal.
Mount Everest trek region presents a broadly trek skill to the new as well as the trekking lovers. Everest trek mainly on a distant division of Nepal which covers wilder wooded areas, snow capped mountain peaks, rocky path, marvelous way, glaciers, scenery, peak mountaineering and various adventurous destinations.
Mount Everest trek pathway that has the highest elevation 8848 meter of an astonishing vista and a lot of additional beautiful panoramic climax, glaciers, tributary, icy stream, monument, arts and cultures of the Buddhist  monasteries of the local Sherpa peoples. While route to the Everest Treks where trekkers discover numerous small valleys and rural community that is the residence Legendry Sherpa and other people having a thinking of many spiritual and religious insight to the huge mountain range.
Mount Everest trek is also be called as the roof of the earth. Mount Everest base camp is located at an altitude of 17590 which is the most memorable part of life reaching at this altitude where many extreme scenery views of many great mountain ranges beyond mount Everest treks and other smaller peaks can be see closely. Sagarmatha national park is one of the natural sites of Nepal which is located in the Khumbu part of Nepal. Everest treks is the most adventurous scenetic path of the trek trekkers all around the world.

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